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Druridge Bay

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Ducks, Grebes and Coots - The Scaup

First seen on Wednesday 9th December 2020 at Druridge Bay

There are two species of Scaup seen in the UK. This one is sometimes called the Greater Scaup, as the other species is called the Lesser Scaup. Scaups are not very common, but the Lesser Scaup is even more rare to see. The Scaup resembles a Tufted Duck, but lacks the tuft on the back of its head. Both have white sides but Scaups have pale backs compared to Tufted Ducks black backs. These three were on the north pool (on a very dark day). They are not in their typical plumage, but in eclipse plumage (ie a bit tatty).



The female Scaup is more of an overall brown colour, but has a bright white patch around the bill, and a pale ear patch. Like the males, the female below is in eclipse, so her plumage is a bit subdued.