The Wildlife of
the National Trust

A-Z Index

A-Z of Wildlife found at the National Trust

    Alder Fly
    Azure Damselfly

    Bank Vole
    Blackclock Beetle
    Black Darter
    Black-headed Gull
    Blue Shieldbug
    Blue-tailed Damselfly
    Blue Tit
    Bordered White Moth
    Bright Bell Moth
    Brown China-mark
    Buff-tailed Bumblebee

    Coal Tit
    Common Backswimmer
    Common Blue Damselfly
    Common Carder Bumblebee
    Common Darter
    Common Green Grasshopper
    Common Grass-veneer
    Common Hawker
    Common Toad

    Dagger Fly

    Ear Moth
    Emerald Damselfly
    Eristalis Pertinax

    Field Grasshopper
    Flesh Fly
    Four-spotted Chaser
    Fourteen-spot Ladybird

    Garden Bumblebee
    Garden Spider
    Garden Grass-veneer
    Great Tit
    Green Leafhopper
    Grey Heron
    Grey Wagtail
    Greylag Goose

    Honey Bee

    Ichneumon Wasp


    Kentish Snail

    Large Red Damselfly
    Large White
    Leaf Beetle
    Leman's Ant
    Lissonata Setosa
    Little Grebe

    Meadow Brown
    Meadow Grasshopper
    Mistle Thrush

    Oak Lantern Moth

    Pale Straw Pearl Moth
    Pond Skater

    Red Admiral
    Red Soldier Beetle
    Red-tailed Bumblebee
    Reed Beetle
    Roe Deer

    Scorpion Fly
    Seven-spot Ladybird
    Silver-Y Moth
    Small Skipper
    Small Tortoiseshell
    Small White
    Smooth Newt
    Snipe Fly
    Song Thrush
    Southern Hawker
    Speckled Wood
    Spiked Shieldbug
    Straw Grass-veneer
    Syrphus Ribesii

    Tufted Duck

    White-tailed Bumblebee
    Whooper Swan
    Wolf Spider
    Wood Pigeon

    Xylota Segnis