The Wildlife of
the National Trust

A-Z Index

A-Z of Wildlife found at the National Trust

    Alder Fly
    Ashy Mining Bee
    Azure Damselfly

    Banded Demoiselle
    Bank Vole
    Beautiful China-mark
    Beautiful Demoiselle
    Black and White Sawfly
    Blackclock Beetle
    Black Garden Ant
    Black-headed Gull
    Black Slip Wasp
    Black-tailed Skimmer
    Blood-vein Moth
    Blue Bottle
    Blue-tailed Damselfly
    Blue Tit
    Box Bug
    Bridge Orbweb Spider
    Brimstone Moth
    Broad-bodied Chaser
    Brown Argus
    Brown Hare
    Brown Hawker
    Brown-lipped Snail
    Brown-tail Moth
    Buff-tailed Bumblebee
    Buff-tip Moth Caterpillar

    Caddis Fly
    Canada Goose
    Cardinal Beetle
    Chrysotoxum Cautum
    Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar
    Cinnabar Moth
    Cinnamon Bug
    Coal Tit
    Cocksfoot Moth
    Collared Dove
    Criorhina Floccosa
    Common Backswimmer
    Common Blue
    Common Blue Damselfly
    Common Carder Bumblebee
    Common Carpet Moth
    Common Darter
    Common Frog
    Common Froghopper
    Common Green Grasshopper
    Common Grass-veneer
    Common Marble Moth
    Common Sandpiper
    Common Toad
    Common Wasp
    Common Yellow Conch
    Crab Spider
    Crane Fly

    Dagger Fly
    Dark Bush Cricket
    Dark-edged Bee Fly
    Deer Fly
    Digger Wasp
    Dock Bug
    Downland Bee Fly
    Drinker Moth Caterpillar
    Dusky Slug

    Early Bumblebee
    Emerald Damselfly
    Emperor Dragonfly
    Episyrphus Balteatus
    Eristalis Tenax
    Essex Skipper
    Eupeodes Luniger

    Fallow Deer
    Field Cuckoo Bee
    Field Grasshopper
    Feral Pigeon
    Flesh Fly
    Flower Longhorn Beetle
    Forest Bug
    Four-spot Ladybird
    Four-spot Orbweb
    Four-spotted Chaser
    Fourteen-spot Ladybird
    Funnelweb Spider
    Furrow Spider

    Galerucella Sagittarius
    Garden Bumblebee
    Garden Spider
    Garden Warbler
    Glass Snail
    German Wasp
    Golden-bloomed Longhorn Beetle
    Gold Spot Moth
    Garden Grass-veneer
    Great Black Slug
    Great Crested Grebe
    Great Tit
    Great-spotted Woodpecker
    Great White Egret
    Green Capsid
    Green Lacewing
    Green Leafhopper
    Green Long-horn Moth
    Green Shieldbug
    Green-veined White
    Green Woodpecker
    Grey Heron
    Grey Squirrel
    Grey Wagtail
    Greylag Goose

    Haemorrhoicus Crassigena Wasp
    Hairy Footed-flower Bee
    Hairy Snail
    Harlequin Ladybird
    Hawthorn Shieldbug
    Helophilus Pendulus
    Herring Gull
    Holly Blue
    Honey Bee
    Horse Fly
    House Martin
    House Sparrow


    Kentish Snail

    Lackey Moth
    Large Red Damselfly
    Large Skipper
    Large White
    Leaf-cutter Bee
    Lemmon-black Sawfly
    Lesser Black-backed Gull
    Lesser Marsh Grasshopper
    Lesser Whitethroat
    Leucozona Lucorum
    Lily Beetle
    Lime-green Sawfly
    Little Egret
    Little Grebe
    Little Owl
    Long-jawed Orb-weaver
    Long-tailed Tit

    Marbled White
    Mason Wasp
    Meadow Brown
    Meadow Grasshopper
    Meadow Grey Moth
    Meadow Pipit
    Migrant Hawker
    Miller's Nettle-tap
    Mint Leaf Beetle
    Mint Moth
    Mistle Thrush
    Money Spider
    Mothercare Spider
    Mother Shipton
    Muntjac Deer
    Mute Swan
    Myathropa Florae

    Nettle Weevil
    Nomad Bee
    Non-biting Midge
    Noon Fly
    Nursery Web Spider

    Orange and Black Sawfly
    Orange Tip

    Painted Lady
    Pale-streak Grass-veneer
    Pea Moth
    Pea Weevil
    Phantom Crane Fly
    Pied Wagtail
    Pond Snail
    Pond Skater
    Purple Hairstreak

    Red Admiral
    Red and-black Froghopper
    Red-eyed Damselfly
    Red Kite
    Red-tailed Bumblebee
    Red Twin-spot Carpet Moth
    Reed Beetle
    Reed Bunting
    Reed Warbler
    Roe Deer
    Roesel's Bush Cricket
    Rove Beetle
    Ruby-tailed Wasp
    Ruddy Darter

    Sac Spider
    Sand Martin
    Scarce Chaser
    Scorpion Fly
    Sedge Warbler
    Seven-spot Ladybird
    Shaded Broad-bar Moth
    Silver-washed Fritillary
    Silver-Y Moth
    Six-spot Burnet Moth
    Sixteen-spot Ladybird
    Slender Groundhopper
    Sloe Shieldbug
    Small China-mark
    Small Copper
    Small Eggar Moth
    Small Red-eyed Damselfly
    Small Skipper
    Small Tortoiseshell
    Small White
    Small Yellow Underwing
    Soldier Beetle
    Solomon's Seal Sawfly Larva
    Solomon's Seal Sawfly
    Song Thrush
    Southern Hawker
    Speckled Bush Cricket
    Speckled Wood
    Spindle Ermine Moth
    Spotted Flycatcher
    Stock Dove
    Straw Dot Moth
    Straw Grass-veneer
    Stretch Spider

    Tachina Fera
    Tachinid Fly
    Tawny Mining Bee
    Thick-legged Flower Beetle
    Tiger Crane Fly
    Timothy Tortrix Moth
    Tree Bumblebee
    Tufted Duck

    Viburnum Beetle

    Whirligig Beetle
    White Ermine Moth
    White-letter Hairstreak
    White-lipped Snail
    White-streak Grass-veneer
    White Wagtail
    Willow Warbler
    Winter Moth
    Wolf Spider
    Wood Pigeon

    Xanthogramma Pedissequum
    Xylota Sylvarum

    Yellow and-black Leafhopper
    Yellow-barred Long-horn Moth
    Yellow Dung Fly
    Yellow Shell Moth
    Yellow Wagtail

    Zilla Spider