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About Cragside

National Trust LinkCragside was the home of Lord Armstrong, and was built in Victorian times, perched on the edge of a rock face. There is a good range of wildlife environments here including formal gardens, river, lakes, and woods, Click on the Oak Leaf to see the National Trust's website for Wallington

My visits here are from 2019 onwards

New Species

July 2021Wed 14thBright Bell Moth
Wed 14thCommon Green Grasshopper
Wed 14thFourteen-spot Ladybird
Wed 14thGarden Bumblebee
Wed 14thIchneumon Wasp
Wed 14thMeadow Brown
Wed 14thRed Soldier Beetle
Wed 14thRinglet
Wed 14thSmall Skipper
Wed 14thSnipe Fly
Wed 14thStraw Grass-veneer
Wed 14thCommon Toad
Wed 14thWhite-tailed Bumblebee
Fri 2ndCommon Backswimmer
Fri 2ndBordered White Moth
Fri 2ndSmooth Newt
Fri 2ndGarden Grass-veneer
Fri 2ndSpeckled Wood

June 2021Tue 15thAlder Fly
Tue 15thAzure Damselfly
Tue 15thBlack-headed Gull
Tue 15thBlue-tailed Damselfly
Tue 15thChiffchaff
Tue 15thCommon Blue Damselfly
Tue 15thFour-spotted Chaser
Tue 15thGrey Heron
Tue 15thLeaf Beetle
Tue 15thLeman's Ant
Tue 15thLittle Grebe
Tue 15thMoorhen


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