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National Trust LinkCroome Court in Worcestershire is a stately home, built by the 6th Earl of Coventry in the 18th century. The surrounding parkland was designed by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown. The formal gardens were lost during Capability Brown's redesign, but he added a beautiful lake with islands and bridges, plus a very realistic artificial river. Today these parklands and informal gardens host a variety of wildlife, which often goes unnoticed. Click on the Oak Leaf to see the National Trust's website for Croome.

My visits here were from 2006-2019

Wildlife News

12 Aug 2020Downland Bee-Fly
A retrospective addition I have only just identified the Downland Bee-Fly - at the time it was a very rare find (but I didn't know then)

21 June 2019Otter
Sadly, this is my last post about Croome, as I now live 300 miles away.

You'll notice a new look to the site, and if you click on the 'Home' link top-right, you'll see an ever-growing gallery of my National Trust visits. Please keep returning for more...
'Wildlife of the National Trust'

I'll leave you with a photo of my favourite moment at Croome (one of many many favourite moments...)

01 June 2019 (part 1)MotherShipton Moth
A beautifully sunny, warm day, and there were plenty of newly emerged butterflies and dragonflies. I thought the highlight of the day was going to be this fascinating Mother Shipton Moth flying along the ridge. But I was wrong! (see below...)

01 June 2019 (part 2)Grass Snake
After lunch at Kitty Fisher's, I was delighted to find this fantastic Grass Snake soaking up the sun. It's taken me nearly four years of searching, and this one was surprisingly close to the House!

27 May 2019Beautiful China-mark Moth
Bank Holiday Monday and a definite increase in the number of swallows and martins. It was also great to see good numbers of Swifts flying over the Temple Greenhouse. Also of note was a Beautiful China-mark Moth shown here. Moths are often overlooked and can be very interesting. Have a look at the Moths I've seen at Croome

New Species

June 2019Mon 3rdGolden-bloomed Longhorn Beetle
Mon 3rdGreen Capsid
Sat 1stBeautiful Demoiselle
Sat 1stDeer Fly
Sat 1stGrassSnake
Sat 1stMother Shipton

May 2019Fri 31stRoach
Mon 27thBeautiful China-mark
Mon 27thEarly Bumblebee
Mon 27thKentish Snail
Mon 20thCocksfoot Moth
Mon 20thPea Moth
Sun 19thBrown-lipped Snail
Sun 19thLackey Moth
Sun 19thReed Warbler
Sun 19thYellow Wagtail
Tue 14thMuntjac Deer
Fri 10thGerman Wasp
Fri 10thSolomon's Seal Sawfly
Mon 6thSlowworm
Sun 5thMillipede

April 2019Tue 30thGreen Long-horn Moth
Tue 30thLittle Grebe
Mon 29thRuby-tailed Wasp
Mon 29thSmall Yellow Underwing
Wed 10thGreat Crested Grebe
Mon 1stNomad Bee

March 2019Fri 29thGarden Bumblebee

February 2019Fri 15thEristalis Tenax
Thu 7thSnipe

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