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About Culzean Castle

National Trust LinkCulzean Castle is an 18th Century home designed by Robert Adam for the 10th Earl of Cassillis. It has a spectacular location on the Ayrshire coast which makes it a great place to see wildlife both on land and on the sea. Click on the Oak Leaf to see the National Trust's website for Culzean Castle.

My visits here were from 2019 onwards

New Species

September 2019Sun 8thLesser Black-backed Gull
Sun 8thRobin
Sun 8thRock Pipit

August 2019Mon 26thBuff-tailed Bumblebee
Mon 26thCoal Tit
Mon 26thEider Duck
Mon 26thGoby
Mon 26thGoosander
Mon 26thHermit Crab
Mon 26thNuthatch
Mon 26thPeacock
Mon 26thShag
Mon 26thHouse Sparrow
Fri 2ndBeadletAnemone
Fri 2ndCinnabar Moth Caterpillar
Fri 2ndGarden Bumblebee
Fri 2ndGreen-veined White
Fri 2ndLarge White
Fri 2ndSmall Tortoiseshell

July 2019Fri 12thBarnacle
Fri 12thBlack-headed Gull
Fri 12thBrown China-mark
Fri 12thCommon Gull
Fri 12thEpisyrphus Balteatus
Fri 12thGreat Black-backed Gull
Fri 12thGrey Heron
Fri 12thHarbour Seal
Fri 12thJackdaw
Fri 12thLimpet
Fri 12thLions Mane Jellyfish


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