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About Gibside

National Trust LinkOriginally built for then Bowes family in the 18th century, Gibside Hall is now sadly just a shell. However, the grounds are a fantastic place for wildlife, and include woods, meadows, a river (the Derwent), formal gardens, ponds and a bird hide. Click on the Oak Leaf to see the National Trust's website for Gibside

My visits here are from 2019 onwards

New Species

May 2021Thu 27thAzure Damselfly
Thu 27thBrown Hare
Thu 27thBuff-tailed Bumblebee
Thu 27thCaddis Fly
Thu 27thCommon Carder Bumblebee
Thu 27thChocolate Mining Bee
Thu 27thCrane Fly
Thu 27thFigwort Weevil
Thu 27thFlesh Fly
Thu 27thGolden-bloomed Longhorn Beetle
Thu 27thGreen-veined White
Thu 27thHairy Snail
Thu 27thHawthorn Fly
Thu 27thMistle Thrush
Thu 27thOrange Tip
Thu 27thPeacock
Thu 27thRoe Deer
Thu 27thRove Beetle
Thu 27thSeven-spot Ladybird
Thu 27thSloe Shieldbug
Thu 27thSmall Copper
Thu 27thSmall Tortoiseshell
Thu 27thSpeckled Wood
Thu 27thStretch Spider
Thu 27thSun Beetle
Thu 27thSyrphus Ribesii
Thu 27thWolf Spider

February 2020Fri 14thBlack-headed Gull
Fri 14thWood Pigeon
Wed 5thBlackbird


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