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Druridge Bay

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National Trust LinkThe National Trust own several areas of the north-east coast in Northumberland and County Durham. These include Souter Lighthouse, Druridge Bay, and Newton Links (Long Nanny). Druridge Bay is particularly good for sea birds and the dunes are fantastic for butterflies and moths. Click on the Oak Leaf to see the National Trust's website for the north-east coast.

My visits here are from 2020 onwards

New Species

July 2021Mon 26thGarden Spider
Mon 26thPurple Bar
Mon 26thSpiked Shield Bug
Mon 26thYellow and-black Leafhopper
Mon 19thBrown Plume
Mon 19thField Grasshopper
Mon 19thStraw Grass-veneer
Mon 19thTipula Lateralis
Sun 11thCixius Nervosus
Sun 11thCommon Froghopper
Sun 11thCommon Marble Moth
Sun 11thCommon Wave Moth
Sun 11thDarkling Beetle
Sun 11thEpisyrphus Balteatus
Sun 11thGreen Capsid
Sun 11thGrypocoris Stysi
Sun 11thHeather Shield Bug
Sun 11thPhantom Crane Fly
Sun 11thRed Soldier Beetle
Sun 11thRoseate Tern
Sun 11thSac Spider
Sun 11thSemaphore Fly
Thu 1stDigger Wasp
Thu 1stMiddle-barred Minor

June 2021Mon 28thCommon Green Grasshopper
Mon 28thEristalis Arbustorum
Wed 23rdCaddis Fly
Wed 23rdChocolate Mining Bee
Wed 23rdMole
Wed 23rdSpotted Redshank


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