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The Northumberland Coast

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National Trust LinkThe National Trust own several areas along the north-east coast of Northumberland. These include Craster to Low Newton by the Sea via Dunstanburgh Castle plus Long Nanny and Newton Links, which has a fantastic series of paths through grassy dunes, and a shoreline walk (at low tide) giving a great views of the wildlife. Click on the Oak Leaf to see the National Trust's website for The Northumberland Coast.

My visits here are from 2020 onwards

New Species

August 2021Wed 11thWheatear

June 2021Fri 11thCinnabar Moth
Fri 11thSwift

May 2021Fri 28thCommon Tern
Fri 21stBlack Tern
Fri 21stKestrel
Fri 21stKittiwake
Fri 21stMillipede

July 2020Tue 21stCommon Blue
Tue 21stMeadow Brown
Tue 21stNarrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet Moth
Tue 21stRinged Plover
Tue 21stRinglet
Tue 21stSix-spot Burnet Moth
Tue 21stSmall Heath

June 2020Mon 22ndArctic Tern
Mon 22ndLittle Tern
Mon 22ndMeadow Pipit
Mon 22ndSkylark
Mon 22ndStonechat


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