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Rodborough Common

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National Trust LinkRodborough Common is a large area of grassland with stunning views. It has prehistoric fields systems, burial mounds and earthworks. It is a fantastic place to look for wild flowers, butterflies and moths, many of which are quite rare and I've only ever seen here. Click on the Oak Leaf to see the National Trust's website for Rodborough Common.

My visits here were from 2013-2019

New Species

June 2019Wed 5thFive-spot Burnet Moth
Wed 5thHook-streak Grass-veneer
Wed 5thNarrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet Moth

June 2017Mon 26thGarden Warbler
Mon 26thLarge Skipper
Mon 26thMarbled White
Mon 26thRedstart
Mon 26thSilver-Y Moth
Tue 13thSmall Blue
Tue 13thSpeckled Bush Cricket

May 2015Thu 28thAdonis Blue
Thu 28thBrown Argus
Thu 28thCommon Heath
Thu 28thMeadow Pipit

June 2014Mon 16thBurnet Companion

May 2014Fri 16thForester Moth
Fri 16thMother Shipton
Thu 15thDingy Skipper
Thu 15thDuke of Burgundy
Thu 15thGrass Rivulet
Thu 15thPurple and Gold
Thu 15thSatyr Pug
Sun 4thGreen Hairstreak
Sun 4thSkylark

August 2013Mon 26thChalk Hill Blue
Mon 26thCommon Blue
Mon 26thConehead Cricket
Mon 26thSmall Heath


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