The Wildlife of
the West Country

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National Trust LinkThis is a general area for some of the unique wildlife I've seen when I used to live in the West Country. National Trust Estates visited include Dyrham Park, Hidcote, The Courts and Tyntesfield. Click on the Oak Leaf to see the National Trust's website for their wildlife.

My visits to these places were from 2003-2019

New Species

June 2019Wed 5thFive-spot Burnet Moth
Wed 5thHook-streak Grass-veneer

March 2019Thu 28thGreat-crested Newt
Thu 28thWater Beetle
Thu 28thWater Boatman

June 2017Mon 26thGarden Warbler
Mon 26thRedstart
Tue 13thSmall Blue

June 2016Mon 6thSmooth Newt

June 2015Mon 15thChimney Sweeper Moth

May 2015Thu 28thAdonis Blue
Thu 28thCommon Heath

August 2014Wed 20thHummingbird Hawk-moth

July 2014Sun 6thScarlet Tiger Moth
Sun 6thSmall Fan-footed Wave

June 2014Mon 16thBurnet Companion

May 2014Fri 16thForester Moth
Thu 15thDingy Skipper
Thu 15thDuke of Burgundy
Thu 15thGrass Rivulet
Thu 15thPurple and Gold
Thu 15thSatyr Pug
Sun 4thGreen Hairstreak

August 2013Mon 26thChalk Hill Blue
Mon 26thConehead Cricket

August 2012Fri 10thBat


Adonis BlueBatBurnet Companion
Chimney Sweeper MothChalk Hill BlueCommon Heath
Conehead CricketDingy SkipperDuke of Burgundy
Five-spot Burnet MothForester MothGarden Warbler
Grass RivuletGreat-crested NewtGreen Hairstreak
Hook-streak Grass-veneerHummingbird Hawk-mothPurple and Gold
RedstartSatyr PugScarlet Tiger Moth
Small BlueSmall Fan-footed WaveSmooth Newt
Water BoatmanWater Beetle