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About Wallington

National Trust LinkThe Wallington Estate in Northumberland has been around since the 15th century, although it was the 17th century onwards that the Blackett family and then the Trevelyan family developed it into its current form. Wallington is a great place for wildlife, and has a good mixture of habitats including woodland, pastures, rivers and formal gardens. Click on the Oak Leaf to see the National Trust's website for Wallington

My visits here are from 2019 onwards

New Species

July 2021Thu 15thCopse Snail
Thu 15thRedpoll
Thu 15thRinglet
Thu 15thSmall Skipper
Thu 15thThistle Tortoise Beetle
Thu 15thVolucella Pellucens
Thu 15thWater Cricket
Thu 15thWolf Spider
Thu 1stAnasimyia Contracta
Thu 1stCommon Blue Damselfly
Thu 1stMeadow Brown

June 2021Fri 18thAmblyteles Armatorius Wasp
Fri 18thAzure Damselfly
Fri 18thChimney Sweeper Moth
Fri 18thCriorhina Berberina
Fri 18thDung Fly
Fri 18thGreen Bottle
Fri 18thGreen-veined White
Fri 18thHelophilus Pendulus
Fri 18thHoney Bee
Fri 18thNettle Weevil
Fri 18thPond Skater
Fri 18thScorpion Fly
Fri 18thSemaphore Fly
Fri 18thSoldier Beetle
Fri 18thSoldier Fly

April 2021Tue 20thBlackcap
Tue 13thChiffchaff

November 2020Wed 25thMistle Thrush
Thu 12thKestrel


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