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Warblers, Crests and Flycatchers in all National Trust Properties

Warblers are a large family of birds, most of which are summer visitors. Many warblers are difficult to distinguish from each other by appearance, but each as a unique song, which makes the task a lot easier. They are insect feeders, but tend to find their food in the trees.

There are two crests resident in the UK, the Goldcrest is quite common and present in many National Trust properties. The Firecrest is much less common.

Flycatchers are visitors to the UK, and you're probably only going to see a Spotted Flycatcher at a National Trust property (and they are actually quite common)



Garden Warbler


Grasshopper Warbler

Lesser Whitethroat
Reed WarblerSedge WarblerSpotted Flycatcher
WhitethroatWillow Warbler