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Beetles in all National Trust Properties

There are thousands of species of beetles in the UK, so this is going to be just a small selection. I tend to pick on the bigger and brighter varieties, rather than the dull tiny ones, but strangely, a lot of beetles are brightly coloured.

Blackclock Beetle

Cardinal Beetle

Clay-coloured Weevil

Darkling Beetle

Dor Beetle


Eleven-spot Ladybird

Figwort Weevil

Flower Longhorn Beetle

Four-spot Ladybird

Fourteen-spot Ladybird

Galerucella Sagittarius

Golden-bloomed Longhorn Beetle

Harlequin Ladybird

Leaf Beetle
Lily BeetleMint Leaf BeetleNettle Weevil
Pea WeevilRed Soldier BeetleReed Beetle
Rove BeetleSeven-spot LadybirdSixteen-spot Ladybird
Soldier BeetleSun BeetleThick-legged Flower Beetle
Thistle Tortoise BeetleThistle Leaf-miner BeetleTwentyTwo-spot Ladybird